Installation of photographs
and single channel video


16’ x 24’ pigment inkjet prints


30:00 min

Eve Luckring_SmallWonder_1

(video still)--Augustine Beach / Salem Nuclear Power Plant
This poetic meditation of image and sound weaves a portrait of a beautiful and compromised rural region near the artist's childhood home. Everyday moments of small town life illuminate the ongoing social and economic structures that have shaped communities silmilar to this throughout the U.S. The project takes its title from a public relations campaign for the state of Delaware, where it was made. With haiku-like restraint, the 30 minute video prompts reflection on the interwoven issues of our food supply and the ecosystem, American militarism in relation to class and race, our reliance on petroleum, and the shifting economy. The photographs function as rest stops, residue of the type of human activity imaged in the video, quietly indicative of how national identity has shaped Americans’ relationship to the land.