Documentation of Performance/Installation at PØST, Los Angeles, May 30, 2015

with Guest Artist Micaela Tobin


collaboration with Lynne Berman as part of her ongoing project Complaint Center

an interactive performance/installation

Delta Lamenta Complaint Center is a new iteration of an ongoing, itinerant, process-based work of art. Performances invite audience members to submit in writing their aggravations, whining, protests, grievances, moaning, groaning, rants, laments, pleas, regrets… The artists then respond in the form of a signal circuit— first the poet, then the painter, and finally the vocalist. The poet's response is used as the basis for a sketch that then becomes a score for the vocalist to sing the transfigured complaint back to the audience. In this way each complaint is reconfigured kaleidoscopically to reveal its open-ended potential. The original complaint is then displayed along with its poetic and visual responses for the duration of the exhibition.